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What´s is Paylater?

PayLater is a loan company, being the main digital services platform in Nigeria. It aims to make people have easy access to credit and believe that access is a human right.

It has its headquarters in Lagos, with more than 40 employees and operations in Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom and Portugal.

In this article we will talk about the details of Personal Loan Paylater.

Personal Loan Paylater – Details

In personal loan paylater the maximum amount of the loan is N1,000,000 and the time for payment is maximum 6 months, but who decides how much you can borrow is them.

When the application is completed, their system will calculate how much credit will be available to you and also what the term for payment will be. For this reason, when filling out the form, it is important that the information be accurate so they can provide the best loan offer possible.

Application –  Personal Loan Paylater

To apply for a personal loan paylater you need to download the application (available for Android system) and identify yourself. After this step, you will be directed to fill out some application forms, with personal information, how much you would like to borrow, and others. After their analyzed the forms, the loan proposal would be available in just a few minutes. It is very fast and practical!

Rates – Personal Loan Paylater

Interest rates are also defined according to the information provided through the form and will be different for each person depending on their credit rating.

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Interest rates range from 5% to 30% and a validation fee of N100 is charged.

Loan Payments can be made Quickteller, Direct Transfer or Debit Card.

Benefits – Personal Loan Paylater

For anyone who wants a quick and safe loan, it’s worth thinking about Paylater. The benefits that the company offers are very attractive and different from many companies.

You can make the application 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the money is available in minutes, you do not need guarantor, guarantees or many documents.

In addition, every credit claimant receives a free credit report and if you recommend the application to friends, it is also possible to earn discounts on future loans.

Requirements of eligibility – Personal Loan Paylater

There are a few of requirements to be fit for a Personal Loan Paylate. Firstly, you must provide your bank details and the BVN (bank verification number). The personal bank account is important because it is from that they will withdraw the funds and the BVN is required to prevent fraud as it proves that the person who is applying for the loan is also the owner of the account.

Documents for the application – Personal Loan Paylater

The process for applying for a Personal Loan Paylater is carried out without papers or documents. You just need to provide the banking information, identification, have Android system and an internet connection.

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