Top 10 Canadian Schools To Check Out

Canada is world-renowned for many reasons. When Canada comes to mind, some think of the country’s enormous landmass (second largest country in the world, second only to Russia). Some think of the tremendously harsh winter climate. Others think of how diverse, hospitable, and friendly Canadians are known to be. Yet, something else comes to mind as well when people across the globe think of the Great White North—its great schools.

According to the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018, some of the best universities in the world (26 to be exact) get to call Canada home. Many of these schools may only be known to Canadians, but still, they remain highly reputable institutions. In fact, 6 of Canada’s schools are positioned in the top 200 schools in the entire world. Without further delay, here’s a short list of the top 10 best schools in Canada!

University of British Columbia (UBC)
34th on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018

Situated in Kelowna as well as Vancouver, the University of British Columbia is known for its strong academics, diverse arts and cultural study programs and its dedication to research in the sciences. The main campus in Vancouver is near many beaches and boasts a great view of the North Shore mountains. Year after year, UBC is listed among the top 40 universities in the world. Nearly 13,000 of UBC’s 50,000 student population are international students.

University of Toronto (U of T)
22nd on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018

Located in downtown Toronto, the University of Toronto is easily one of the most highly respected universities in the country and the world at large. Known for its remarkable research, education and innovation, students enrolled at the University of Toronto certainly benefit from a world class education in Canada’s most densely populated city. Last but not least, U of T represents Canada as an integral part of an international committee in collaboration with China, the UK, Germany, India and more. They’re dedicated to helping with prominent issues and international affairs.

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University of Montreal (U de M)
108th on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018

Located on the slope of Montreal’s famous Mount Royal, the University of Montreal has the second highest student population (37,000) of all the universities in Canada, 25% of which are international students. It’s also recognized as the best francophone university in the country. Aside from its academics, this school is also nationally recognized for its athletic prowess in football, hockey and badminton. The University of Montreal is well-known for the contributions its alumni have made in the fields of business, nuclear power and more. Many Quebecois government officials attended this school.

University of Alberta (UAlberta)
119th on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018

The University of Alberta is not only Alberta’s premier university, it’s also one of the best schools that Canada and the world has to offer. Between its undergraduate and graduate programs, the school offers more than a whopping 750 programs. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, the school’s student body features nearly 7000 international students. UAlberta is an academic research leader in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well environmental sciences. The school is a top destination for those who plan to pursue careers in computer sciences.

University of Calgary (UCalgary)
Top 250 on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018

Located in Canada’s energy capital, Calgary, Alberta, the University of Calgary is a fairly young university in an energetic city. UCalgary devotes a lot of its resources to energy, engineering, political sciences, applied sciences and space sciences as well. It aims to become one of the best research schools in the country. It offers a variety of interesting programs such as, International Indigenous Studies, Engineering and Commerce, Community-based Education, and many more.

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University of Ottawa (Ottawa U)
Top 250 on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018

Situated in and named after the nation’s capital, the University of Ottawa is the world’s biggest English and French bilingual university. It also boasts the largest law school in the country. However, it also offers well-respected programs in Arts, Education, Engineering, Graduate and Postdoctoral studies, Health Sciences, Medicine, Science, Social Science, and the Telfer School of Management. Ottawa U’s library has 12 different locations and over 4.5 million different books since the year 2013. It’s a great institution for local and international students alike.

McGill University (McGill U)
42nd on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018

Situated in the center of the downtown Montreal core, McGill University may be Canada’s most internationally recognized institution of higher education. It has a long history of excellent academics and strong research. It’s also home to one of the best law and medicine programs in Canada. And to top it all off, it has a beautiful campus in one of Canada’s most multicultural and vibrant cities. Students attending McGill have higher average grades than any other school in the country.

University of Waterloo (Waterloo)
Top 250 on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018

Located in Waterloo, Ontario, the University of Waterloo prides itself on its research prowess. Its primary focus is disruptive technologies, machine intelligence, biomedical and mechatronics engineering. The University of Waterloo is also home to the largest post-secondary co-op program in the entire world. Digital media and information technology (IT) are also prominent fields of study for many students at this school. Notable programs are: kinesiology, knowledge integration, and nanotechnology engineering.

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Western University (Western)
Top 250 on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018

Running parallel to the Thames River in London, Ontario, Western University is one of the biggest in the entire province of Ontario. With every passing year, the school’s international recognition increases. First year students alone have access to over 400 programs and 200 courses. The school understands the importance of research. In keeping with the research-oriented philosophies of many of Canada’s top schools, Western has established research partnerships on every single continent.

McMaster University
78th on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2018

McMaster University is located near Hamilton’s Royal Botanical Gardens on a sprawling 121 hectares of land. Like many of the other top Canadian universities, McMaster’s school of Medicine is of world class caliber. It is also well-known for its strength in the faculties of humanities, social sciences, science, engineering and business. The university places heavy emphasis on stem cell and cancer research. McMaster has international exchange programs with over 70 universities worldwide. Combined, its students and faculty represent approximately 90 countries.

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